Meet the Ugandan entrepreneur peddling bamboo bikes

KAMPALA (Reuters) – At a workshop in Uganda’s capital, Kampala, Noordin Kasoma measured and cut a length of bamboo. Within a few days, the 24 inch piece of grass would be transformed into the frame of a bicycle. In an industry dominated by steel and aluminum, the use of bamboo is not as bizarre as it might seem. Kasoma says his bikes are strong, light and durable. They are also comfortable, he says. “Bamboo is flexible; due to that flexibility it gives that kind of shock absorbing property when you’re…

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Low-cost ‘four-hour’ bamboo house wins top prize

Image caption The CUBO housing units can be manufactured in a week, and built in just four hours A 23-year-old designer has won a top £50,000 ($64,385) prize after creating a low-cost bamboo housing unit to address the Philippines’ slum crisis. Earl Patrick Forlales’ design takes just four hours to construct, and at £50 per sq metre it’s also affordable. He told the BBC World Service: “It’s a functional home on its own, but it’s more than just a house. “It’s designed to turn community waste into energy and other…

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